The Ninja Dojo

buy Depakote with paypal cCAYziG The Ninja Dojo is a stream team full of wonderful streamers and supporters of mine. The purpose of this stream team is to make it easier for the community to support our own ANBU! Click on each picture to check out each streamer OR go to their official team page here. The only requirements to joining the Ninja Dojo are that you need to be subscribed to Holly for 6 (total) months, be active in the community whether it be in Holly’s chat or any ANBU streams, and stream at least four times a week (make sure you have past broadcasts enabled). The reason why we require everyone to be subbed for 6 months and be active in the community is for us to see how that person really is and see what kind of an image they’d set. Being on the Ninja Dojo means that you represent both Holly and the entire ANBU so we don’t want to add people who don’t get along well with others or won’t set a good example for how we want the team.

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website link Applications for the Dojo are currently closed.