Frequently Asked Questions

article source Full Report What is your name? You can call me Holly or Umi, whichever you prefer.

When is your birthday? August 4th

What’s your ethnicity? I am full Vietnamese

Where are you from? I was born in South Carolina and currently live in Houston.

How tall are you? Fun size

What languages do you speak/write? Just English. I can understand when my parents speak Vietnamese, but that’s about it.

When do you stream? I usually start streaming each day between 6:00PM – 8:00PM CST except on Saturdays because that is my day off from streaming. However, Rapid usually streams a variety of games on my channel on Saturday while I take the day off to rest. I always post on my social media when I’m about to start streaming so follow those to get updates on when I go live: Twitch and Twitter.

How long have you been streaming? I’ve been streaming since September 2013 and got my sub button on January 7th, 2014.

Do you have a job? Yes, I’m currently a full time streamer and plan on being one for as long as possible.

I thought you were a nurse? I did get my associates in Nursing but I need to get my bachelors for a better chance to get a job. I also have a passion in streaming which I would much rather pursue at the moment.

What are your PC specs? You can find my PC specs here.

Who made your emotes? My emotes were made by Reggitar and Uguubear.

Do you watch anime? Not often. I’ve watched anime like Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Parasite, and Fairy Tail but that’s about it.

Do you play with viewers? Of course! I invite both subs and non-subs whenever I have room (besides on Tuesdays since those are sub days).

What are Ninja Stars? All of the information about the Ninja Stars can be found here. The purpose of the Ninja stars is to acknowledge the supporters who are always hanging out in the stream, whether they are a subscriber or not.

What rank are you? I was Diamond 5 last season and currently Platinum 2 for Season 6.

What roles do you play? I main Nami and Viktor/Brand/Aurelion Sol/Varus but also play champions like Syndra and Lux mid lane as well as occasionally Jinx and Ezreal ADC. All of these champs I want to improve with. So far my laning phase is a bit weak but I really do well in team fights.

What is the ANBU? The ANBU is my group of awesome subscribers. They’re the elite ninja that protect the stream and are a big reason why my community of viewers are so amazing and supportive.

What is subscriber movie night? Subscriber movie night is where all of my subscribers and I gather in the subscriber teamspeak room and watch all kinds of movies and anime together! (movie nights are almost always random after a stream)

What server do you play on? I play on the NA server.

How long have you been playing league? I’ve been playing league since Season 2.

What games do you play/stream? I play PUBG 90% of the time and occasionally some random games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, Pixelmon, Sims, and of course Bejeweled if I have the urge to play them.