About Holly


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    My name is Holly or you can call me Umi (short for UmiNoKaiju)
    I live in NA and play on the NA servers. I am currently residing in TEXAS, where everything is bigger… except me.
    I play league of legends primarily!
    Season 3: Plat 4
    Season 4: Plat 3
    Season 5: Diamond 
  • ROLE
    My roles in order from strongest to weakest: Support > Mid > ADC > TOP > Jungle
    I main Support and Mid. I really enjoy playing mages who do lots of damage from the back and delete people with 1 combo.
    My favorite support to play is Nami.
    My favorite mid laner to play is Syndra, Viktor, Lux and Kog’maw (though I suck with Kog, he is so fun).
    If I had to play ADC, I’d play Jinx or Ezreal.
    I attended and graduated from Nursing School in December 2013 with my RN-ADN degree.
  • JOB
    Streaming is my full time job.

In the past I have worked in a lot of restaurants (10/11 to be exact). As much as I loved Nursing, I enjoy streaming much more at the moment and hope to do it full time for as long as I can.

    Other than playing games, I LOVED to dance. I had to stop dancing when I was in nursing school and I haven’t gotten back into it every since :(. If you want to see some of my old dance videos, feel free to check out my videos HERE!

I also love hanging out with friends. Ever since I was little, I was always in trouble for wanting to hang out with friends more than family, but now that I’ve grown up – I cherish every moment with all my loved ones. I would LOVE to go out to eat often and try new foods and desserts (idk if you consider that a hobby LOL)! I do NOT play any sports because I am terrible!!!

    I am full Vietnamese, BUT I can ONLY speak English. My parents never taught me viet while I was growing up. I was too busy moving around I had a lot of babysitters and attended day cares in my past! My mom was too busy working to take care of me. I can understand when my family speaks viet though! I respond back in English.